Low Delta T

Oxyvent new 2°C delta T creates radiant heat versus alternative technologies with high delta T, that product poor convection heat and high fuel costs


Frequently asked questions

What flow rate is required for a low delta T?

Oxyvent only has a modest flow rate of approx. 3.5 LPM

The Existing balanced system have an average flow rate of 1.5 LPM.

A high flow rate alone cannot achieve a low delta T


How is the low delta T achieved?

The Low Delta T is achieved by addressing a sequence of the following issues:

  • By maintaining the pumps flow rate
  • Isolating the boiler on-off cycle from the radiators
  • Isolating the cooler radiator water returning to the boiler.
  • It keeps the boiler delta T within the cycle of the boiler stat. 7°C- 8°C
  • It creates an independent circuit for the boiler
  • It creates an independent circuit for the radiators
  • Lower radiator temperature
  • It Blend the boiler and radiator water
  • Eliminates Thermal Shock
  • Built in device for capturing the dissolved gases

The Oxyvent Tank addressed all the above issues and solutions into one low cost unit

How can Oxyvent produce radiant heat?

The water temperature entering the radiator is approx. 52°C and 50°C exiting the radiator. The radiator panel is almost at equilibrium temperature. This creates a blackbody which emits radiant heat from the complete radiator panel