Inventor’s Story


The magic heating box people and their chain of companies in the UK which are too numerous to mention are continuing their cyberbullying tactics on a daily basis. They are bunch of hard-nosed sales people causing serious damage to our market by using Oxyvent information to sell their fake copy product. Despite numerous requests to have their illegal marketing removed they refuse to do so. They are extremely cunning on the web for twisting the truth to confuse people and they keep removing and republishing data. It is obvious they are trying to destroy our market, but I am sure people can see right through their scam.

It is with regret I am conveying this negative news but I am left with no choice as I must protect my product and livelihood.


Patent fraud

You know you have a good invention when people are prepared to invest hundreds of thousands of Euro to steal your idea. This has happened in Ireland and the UK. The patent Thieves in Ireland were a company called Ecoplus Limited and in the UK The Magic Heating Box.
Getting the initial brainwave, designing the product, acquiring a Patent, securing suitable standards and manufacturers is a new difficult experience for any individual inventor, but on hindsight that was the easiest part for me.  With any good invention there are always vultures just waiting to copy your idea, and I had only invented the Oxyvent Tank for a few months when I had to endure the terrible trauma and expense of having to deal with just that.

We had to tolerate the slow process of a High Court Case which I had to defend myself for obvious reasons, against a local Company Ecoplus Limited. I was granted a Declaration of Patent Infringement against them after a nine year struggle to get into Court.  They filed a Patent application under Bodenhill Properties where there were ten named individuals with no experience in central Heating.  Most of the so called inventors denied that they ever invented or signed the Patent application which is basically illegal.  They even had the audacity to put a picture of my invention on their Patent Application. I successfully brought that to an end.

What kept me motivated was the customers and Installers positive reaction when they saw the end result. There is no better satisfaction than see your invention successfully installed in homes throughout Ireland, the UK and beyond.



We installed The Oxyvent Tank in a private residence in Bray, Co. Wicklow for testing purposes which cost tens of thousands of Euro, in testing equipment etc. As a gesture of appreciation we bequeathed The Oxyvent Tank to the homeowners as they were delighted with the benefits and rooms heating that never did before. A short time later it came to our attention that The Oxyvent Tank was removed and replaced with the magic copy/infringing product, using Oxyvent’s installation set up. Might I add that the homeowner and testers were fully aware of the situation well in advance of their actions. To even add more salt to the wounds the householder send an email a few months later saying that he was holidaying near us and inviting me for a coffee or (even worse) a PINT. The cheek is beyond endurance. To date they have refused to return my product and testing equipment.
They also changed our previous test results to the name of Magic Heating Box without our permission.
When confronted about their action they basically threatened us if we mentioned them. Individual inventors starting out need to know what is going on and what they are up against, as the people with money and contacts seem to have a free course of action and are well protected.
We all know that most good inventions are profiteered by people/peoples that never invented them. It is a nasty world out there in business and there are a lot of vultures just waiting to take genuine inventors ideas.

What these Patent Thieves are doing is morally wrong so, Please support original Inventors/designers.

More to come later.