Condensing boilers
There seem to be a lot of confusion about what temp should my boiler be set at, the correct temperature setting for a boiler with the Oxyvent system is set at 60°C

Condensing boilers will only condense efficiently when the water returning back to the boiler is below 55°C. Unfortunately with the current systems most boilers only condense at start up stage as the return temperature exceeds 55°C. Therefore we are loosing out on the benefits that condensing boilers provide. When the Oxyvent Tank is installed the return temperature stay’s below 55°C keeping your modern condensing boiler in condensing mode. The Oxyvent Tank is the only product available that can keep a boiler in condensing mode without having to sacrifice your comfort level, and saving you money.

Watch this video to see how the Oxyvent System can keep your condensing boiler in Condensing mode