One of the big benefits of condensing boilers is their ability to reclaim heat that would otherwise be lost through the flue. If your boiler is set at the wrong temperature you won’t get the full efficiency, so what’s the best temperature for a condensing boiler?

What Temperature Should My Boiler Be Set At?

For maximum efficiency the correct boiler temperature setting is 60°C it cannot be set lower than this or you could increase the risk of contracting Legionnaires’ disease from the Domestic Hot Water.

With condensing boilers the return temperature to the boiler must be below 55°C for heat recovery by condensation to take place. If the return temperature exceeds this, the whole purpose behind installing a condensing boiler, and the benefit of reclaiming latent heat from the flue gases, is all but lost. Ideally, the return temperature should be as low as possible, but not at the expense of inefficient heating throughout the home.

The criticism about condensing boilers is not knowing whether they are condensing or not.  The customer have no way of knowing this. Setting a boiler temperature to ensure that it heats the rooms properly can be a guessing game, which can result in the boiler being set too high for the condensing process to take place, defeating its purpose.

How do Oxyvent keep a boiler in full Condensing mode?

Oxyvent stringently obeys the manufactures recommendations of setting the boiler temperature at 60°C for maximum efficiency. Oxyvent radiators operating on a 2°C Delta T. The return water temperature to the boiler is 52°C which is 3C° below the manufactures recommended 55C°.  A boiler in condensing mode can save 30% in fuel compared to a boiler that is not condensing.  It is extremely important that your boiler is kept in full condensing mode.

Oxyvent is the only system worldwide that adhere to manufactures guidelines of keeping a boilers return temperature below 55°C in full condensing mode. Heating the domestic hot water to the recommended temperature, heat all radiators uniformly and increasing your comfort by producing higher temperature at floor level. Guaranteed fuel savings.

Oxyvent are leading the way in heating technology.

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