Solid Fuel Stoves can only operate adequately by using two pipe stats to control its temperature

Oxyvent is the safest and most reliable solid fuel system available. It outperforms all others by maintaining a balanced temperature within the stove and increasing its overall productivity.

  • Oxyvent use two stats on the stoves inlet and outlet pipes to control its temperature
  • The stove itself is hotter and provides more heat to the room
  • It isolates the colder radiator water from the hot stove
  • It prevents the usual banging rattling noises in the Stove
  • It Eliminates thermal shock
  • Produce more powerful radiant heat from the radiators
  • Abundance of hot water due to unique patented piping design
  • Use less fuel
  • It can be fitted to new and existing systems
  • Operate oil/gas boiler and stove at the same
  • It provides an non-obstructed gravity flow and return circuit to the cylinder
  • The stove has its own circulating pump which pumps the heated water quickly and efficiently to the heat emitters
  • The heating can be easily zoned (3 heating zones on standard system)


Existing Solid Fuel Stove Installation

The most common concern with our existing solid fuel installation is that the entire system is usually controlled with one clip on pipe stat that powers the pump to heat the radiators. By using only one pipe stat the cold water from the radiators will return to the hot stove resulting in thermal shock. Two extremes will not mix, and this will cause rattling noises in the stove. When thermal shock takes place it significantly reduces the efficiency of the stove resulting in poor flow rate, large cold spots in radiators, some radiators not heating and fuel wastage.


Problem Solving

Oxyvent designed a system that use two pipe stats and separate pumps to control the temperature of the Solid fuel Stove.

One pipe stat and pump controls the temperature of the water leaving the Stove keeping it at 60°C.

The second pipe stat controls the water temperature returning back to the Stove keeping it at 50°C.

Therefore the Oxyvent System eliminates thermal shock by keeps the temperature of the water in the Stove between 50°C and 60°C.

The Oxyvent Solid Fuel system is the first and only system on the market that has full control over the water temperature in the Stove.

Watch this video to see how Oxyvent can reduce the Detla T and keep the water temperature in the stove between 50°C and 60°C

New Oxyvent Wiring Board  

Oxyvent has designed a unique wiring board specifically suited to solid fuel system.

  • Unique safety feature that automatically over rides room stats while solid fuel is operating
  • Separate connections for each component for easy tractability
  • Light come on for the zone that is operating
  • 3 Heating zones and hot water zone


Solid Fuel with Underfloor Heating 

For the first time underfloor heating can be operated with solid fuel on an open vented system with the following results;

  • Maintain a flow rate of 3 Litres per minute through each underfloor loop
  • No banging rattling noises
  • Eliminates air locks
  • Eliminates flushing the air out of the underfloor pipes saving hundreds of euro
  • Low delta T in the stove from start up
  • Low delta T in the underfloor pipes from start up
  • Reduces the need for regular maintenances

If you are experiencing any issues with your stove, then you need an Oxyvent System.  You can contact us to discuss any concerns you may have.

Oxyvent can fix Solid Fuel Stoves where everything else has failed.


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