Thermostatic Radiator Valves

The Oxyvent Tank is a must to get TRV’s to operate correctly.  Without Oxyvent most TRV’s do not switch off keeping the heating on constantly as the heat at floor level does not increase due to cold air currents of convection heat.  With Oxyvent there are higher temperatures at floor level which allows the TRV’S to switch off the radiator when the required room temperature is achieved, saving fuel.

A radiator is constantly pulsating without Oxyvent, whereas with Oxyvent the radiator is virtually static and produce more intense radiant heat from floor to ceiling and this is why the TRV’s will only operate efficiently with Oxyvent.

It is amazing that most people do not understand the functions of thermostatic radiator valves.

The following are just some perceptions by householders of the purpose of Thermostatic Radiator Valves:
• They increase the temperature of the room!
• I set mine up to maximum and never move them!
• I do not know what they do as they never seem to work!

A lot of people think that if they turn them down to the economical setting that they reduce the flow of water and reduce the heat output into the room.

There is definitely a lot of confusion on how thermostatic radiator valves can benefit the householder.

All Thermostatic radiator valves have markings usually numbers on them. It is up to the householder to adjust these in order to obtain a suitable setting that will give the required temperature for each individual room.

Thermostatic radiator valves work by sensing the temperature of the air surround the radiators valve. When the air temperature reaches the valve setting the valve will automatically close and stop the flow of water to the radiator. When the room temperature cools the valve will automatically open to heat the room again. So basically Thermostatic radiator valves keep the room at a set temperature.

Thermostatic radiator valves are a fantastic invention and work very well and can save the householder a lot of money if the temperature at ground level is warm enough.

If your thermostatic radiator valves do not work efficiently in all your rooms, then you need an Oxyvent system.

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