Air Locks In Radiators

Air is formed in the boiler as part of the natural process of heating water. These micro air bubbles travel out along the pipe work and accumulate at a high point in the pipe work or in a radiator. This is why some systems need frequent venting / bleeding of radiators. It is usually the same radiators that the air accumulates in.

Ever wondered why some radiators never heat up even though they are air free and full of water. The chances of an air lock is most likely the problem. Air trapped in the pipework reduce the flow of water traveling to the radiators. This is a very common problem in the UK where millions of homes have inverted systems.

Air locks in heating systems obviously reduce the heat output into the room and the fuel wastage can be enormous.

If you have radiators not heating, air locks and bleeding radiators regularly then you need an Oxyvent Tank.

Air Locks In Underfloor Heating

With radiators the trapped air can be released with a vent key. Underfloor Heating is a completely different story. The micro air bubbles travel into the underfloor pipes and over time they accumulate in the pipework and form large pockets of air. These air pockets reduces the speed of the water travelling through the pipes which leads to parts of the floor reaching high temperature while other parts of the floor never seems to heat at all.


Watch this video to see where the air come from 


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