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Heating is one of the more important and expensive commodities in your home and you should be able to enjoy good quality heat where and when you need it.

We are all aware that quality workmanship is deteriorating but it is not good enough that householders are suffering with cold rooms, shortage of domestic hot water and basically paying fuel bills with no proper return. No matter how good your system is installed if your heating is operating on the traditional Delta T of 11°C plus you will not get the efficiency and quality heat from your radiators.  The only product that can reduce the Delta T from 11°C to just 2°C and get your house heating as it should is The Oxyvent Tank.  This one easy to install product totally transforms heating systems and even transforms inverted (drop down) systems, which will not work without Oxyvent.  It is totally unacceptable at this day and age to have to have electric heaters in rooms solely because the  radiators are not working.  If your Heating Installer/Plumber is unable to heat all your rooms properly then you insist on getting him to install the Oxyvent System, after all it is your home, your choice. If your plumber is incompetent and will not install Oxyvent for you then get a competent installer that will do it.  The response from customers is phenomenal and they find they will have to switch off their heating earlier because of the intensity of heat due to reducing the Delta T.

Don’t accept inefficiencies, fix them.

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Oxyvent Can Get More Heat From Your Radiators

All the radiators in your home should heat uniformly from top to base. Most householders can relate to radiators not heating properly especially the ones furthest from the boiler.
It is important to understand that even in the worst scenario the top section of the radiator will heat but if the lower centre section is cold then your system is inefficient.
Do this simple test at home. Switch on your heating for one hour and then check all the radiators. If the lower half of the radiator is much cooler than the top then your system is inefficient.
When a radiators is not heating uniformly this means that the water in not pumped through all the channels in the radiator panel. This is caused by a number of factors, air, poor flow rate, and the most important one high delta T.

To get your radiators heating Oxyvent will pump 3 litres of water per minute through each radiator compared to just one litre previously. The heated water will be pumped down through all the channels in the radiator heating them uniformly from top to base.

Just to make it very clear power flushing or balancing the system will not heat all the radiators uniformly, It is much more complex than that. Since the invention of radiators nothing has been done to improve the flow of water through the channels in the radiator panel until Oxyvent resolved it.

What can the Oxyvent Tank do for you?  

You will feel more comfortable in your home with more powerful radiant heat

Save 30% on your fuel bills

No more bleeding of radiators

You will not have to balance your radiators as the Oxyvent System is self-balancing

Abundance of domestic hot water as the cylinder will heat uniformly from top to bottom.

The boiler will operate in full condensing mode as the boilers temperature is reduced to 60°C.

As the temperature at ground level is higher Thermostatic radiator valves will be more active giving better control over your room temperature.

Balancing radiators
What is balancing? Balancing is taking water from a radiator that is working perfectly well and giving it to a radiator that will not heat up.

Balancing is done by closing down the lock shield valve with a pliers to a minimum opening position. Obviously the flow of water is greatly reduced and the surface of the radiator will cool significantly, especially at the lower centre lower section. Test show that a balanced radiators power output is halved every 2 minutes then increase and is halved again. This fluctuation in temperature gives poor thermal comfort to the occupants and waste fuel.

• Balancing increases thermal shock
• Increases noises
• Increases detla T

If you have to balance some radiators to get other radiators to heat then you need an Oxyvent Tank. The Oxyvent system needs no balancing every valve is left fully open.

Watch this video to see what balancing does 

Room stat
The most common setting for room stats is 21°C. this setting is needed to bring the room to a near comfortable temperature.

With the Oxyvent Tank installed the room stats can be reduced down to 19°C without losing your comfort. Experts have said that by reducing the room temperature stat by 1°C you can save 10% in fuel.

If you reduce your room stat to 19°C and feel uncomfortable then you need an Oxyvent Tank to increase Thermal Comfort.

Watch this video to see how the occupant’s thermal comfort is increased

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