We Can Fix Your Radiators

Everyone knows what it’s like to have the heating on for ages and yet still feel a cold chill at your feet.  You check all the doors and windows but it’s actually the radiators that are just not working properly. Your rooms don’t seem to heat up, no matter how long the heating is on!

Don’t worry – you are not alone. It’s very common and very frustrating…In fact, the main reason you are here right now is probably because you can’t face ringing your plumber again.

Well before we go any further, let’s clear up a few things first. All the components in your heating system probably work well independently… But when assembled as one unit, they don’t function collectively.  So you don’t need a new boiler, new radiators or a new plumber…and you definitely don’t need to spend thousands ripping up your house for a new heating system!

You just simply need Oxyvent.

  • Do your own home test

Here’s a simple test you can do to find out how effective your radiators work. Switch on the heating and wait for 1 hour. Then carefully check the middle lower section of all the radiators with your hand. You will notice that the further away from the boiler you go, the easier that section becomes to touch. Now carefully place your hand on the two pipes going into each radiator to check their temperature. Again you will notice a large temperature difference the further away the radiator is from the boiler.

If this is the case with your home, then there is no way that your heating system can currently heat all the rooms efficiently. If the centre lower section of the radiator is cold, then your feet are cold and that’s just not the kind of comfort you expect or desire. The only way to get your radiators to produce a more efficient heat and make your whole house feel cosy is with Oxyvent.

Unwanted maintenance

Unwanted call backs to common problems with heating systems are very annoying and time wasting for both Plumber and customer. Some of the usual suggestions to fix them include:

  • Power Flushing – to get the sludge out of the radiators.
  • Balancing radiators – taking heat from one radiator to try and get another one working.
  • Bleeding/Venting of radiators
  • Air locks
  • Thermostatic Radiator Valves not working

Balancing radiators
What is balancing? Balancing is taking water from a radiator that is working perfectly well and giving it to a radiator that will not heat up.

Balancing is done by closing down the lock shield valve with a pliers to a minimum opening position. Obviously the flow of water is greatly reduced and the surface of the radiator will cool significantly, especially at the lower centre lower section. Test show that a balanced radiators power output is halved every 2 minutes then increase and is halved again. This fluctuation in temperature gives poor thermal comfort to the occupants and waste fuel.

• Balancing increases thermal shock
• Increases noises
• Increases detla T

If you have to balance some radiators to get other radiators to heat then you need an Oxyvent Tank. The Oxyvent system needs no balancing every valve is left fully open.

Watch this video to see what balancing does 

Room stat
The most common setting for room stats is 21°C. this setting is needed to bring the room to a near comfortable temperature.

With the Oxyvent Tank installed the room stats can be reduced down to 19°C without losing your comfort. Experts have said that by reducing the room temperature stat by 1°C you can save 10% in fuel.

If you reduce your room stat to 19°C and feel uncomfortable then you need an Oxyvent Tank to increase Thermal Comfort.

Watch this video to see how the occupant’s thermal comfort is increased

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