Power Flushing

If you’ve heard a plumber say things like: “Well, it’s just something that needs to be done every few years” or “We come across this all the time, it’s just one of those things”… and then handed over hundreds of euro – you’ve probably wondered if there was actually another solution?

Well the good news is… There is and it’s called Oxyvent.

“Why do Radiators need to be flushed?”

Flushing Radiators, or Power Flushing, is the process of removing sludge from inside your heating system, which prevents heat from being evenly distributed throughout your radiators. The Black sludge forms over time as a result of corrosion, and is made up of a combination of dirt and rust. The most common place to find radiators with a build up of sludge are the ones furthest away from the boiler. These radiators usually have a poor flow rate, which means the water is not being pumped fast enough to go around the full radiator panel. The water at the bottom just sits there and never heats up. This creates the ideal conditions for corrosion to take place and with these channels usually only around 5mm wide, it eventually leads to them getting clogged up and greatly reduces your heating systems efficiency.

To better grasp the idea, turn on your heating for half an hour and then go to the radiators furthest from the boiler. Put your hand around the middle lower part of the radiator and you should be able to feel a large difference in temperature, where the hot water meets the cold. It is here that corrosion is at its most aggressive and where most problems begin.

Let’s have a look at an example of this with the help of a Thermal Imaging Video Camera. This video will show you how a poor flow of water can cause a large difference in temperatures, and thus creating the right environment where corrosion can flourish.


At Oxyvent, we discovered a formula that was able to increase the flow of water to all the radiators, from 1.5 Litres per Minute to 3.5 Litres per Minute. By moving higher volumes of water through all the radiators, it keeps those important channels open and prevents any sludge from blocking them up. As the saying goes “A rolling stone gathers no moss”.

So not only does the Oxyvent system reduce the Delta T from 11o to 2o – but it also prevents the need for Power Flushing by moving higher volumes of water through the radiators and maintaining a more efficient heat in every room.

Advantages of the Oxyvent System

  • Reduce the amount of chemicals been used.
  • Extend the Life of your radiators
  • Prevents build-up of sludge in radiator channels at source.
  • Large saving on fuel bill
  • Produce Radiant heat
  • Reduces maintenance

Customers that have installed Oxyvent have saved thousands in flushing alone. If all houses in Ireland installed the Oxyvent system we would save in excess of €350 million per year in fuel bills and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 3.3 million tonnes.                                                                             I’d like more information – Please call me back!