Oxyvent gives you twice as much Hot Water 

Wouldn’t it be great if when you turned on your heating system, the first thing that heated up was your Hot Water Cylinder! Well that’s exactly what happens with Oxyvent.

Oxyvent’s unique patented design brings heated water from the boiler, straight to the hot water cylinder first and then moves on to heat the radiators. In fact the Oxyvent system is the only hot water system available that gives 100% priority to the hot water cylinder.

Oxyvent’s super efficient heat transfer rate is two times higher than that of your existing system. This allows you to operate both the hot water and central heating at the same time, and still have plenty of hot water. This can be a major advantage for large families or for bed and breakfasts, where both heating and hot water is required over a short period of time.

Oxyvent can heat the hot water cylinder uniformly from top to bottom, giving extra hot water.

Why does your heating system take longer to heat your hot water?

In the installation of most domestic heating systems it’s normal practice for plumbers to fit a valve on the pipe going to the hot water cylinder (commonly known as a Balancing valve). This is used to regulate the flow of water to heat the cylinder. Due to a design flaw in the system, that valve is usually closed down to a minimum to give a better flow rate to the radiators and taking heat longer to fully circulate through your hot water cylinder.

If you find that you’re waiting longer for your Hot water Cylinder to heat up and the bottom of your cylinder is cool – then you need Oxyvent.

Oxyvent advantages over existing hot water systems:

·         Patented piping design which gives hot water cylinder priority

·         Heats the cylinder evenly at the same time

·         Stores hot water at higher temperatures

·         Guaranteed hot water every time

hot water cylinder oxyvent

The Cylinder on the left is a common problem for most householders

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