Tim Cremin invented the Oxyvent Tank about 14 years ago, and received an award for my invention at the International Inventions Exhibition in Geneva in 2001.  As a Plumbing and Heating Contractor I was familiar with all the inefficiencies within a heating system and there was no product available on the market to address these issues.
I found that the Plumbing and Heating Contractor were being wrongly accused for issues within the heating system which were completely outside their control. Being familiar with all the problems I invented and designed The Oxyvent Tank which will give the customer the ultimate heating system and give the installer the confidence of a job well done.

I had the advantage that I was personally in a position to install and oversee my invention in up to 1,000 homes throughout Ireland in order to see it working in all different types of systems, most of them having the usual problems and even some near impossible situations.  The reaction from customers was overwhelming and most of my sales were from word of mouth, which is the supreme sale.

As I was coming from a hands on background I discovered that installers found  it easy to contact me for any back up or consultations they need as they knew I had the experience, as someone who basically was not afraid to get my hands dirty.  As installers got familiar with The Oxyvent Tank installations and found that it was easy to install and gave excellent results every time, I decided that with a couple of thousand tanks installed in Ireland that it was time to venture abroad and started sales in the UK in January 2013.  The reaction in the UK has been awesome and again we have hundreds of tanks installed throughout the UK with yet again magnificent results.   It is with the confidence of having a good product that produce excellent results that I am now proceeding to expand to other countries and let householders enjoy the benefits of The Oxyvent Tank worldwide.