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Tim Cremin Managing Director of Oxyvent Ltd.

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Anyone who has ever tried fishing knows that to catch a fish, it’s vital you study the flow of the water. Growing up close to a small river near Killarney Co. Kerry, meant Tim Cremin learned this valuable skill from a young age. In fact it really helped him to feel comfortable when he decided to start plumbing… because when it comes to fixing heating systems – understanding your flow rate is essential.

Tim was always intrigued with the way heating systems performed. How they were designed, how they were installed and how efficient they were. He soon realised that on all the jobs he’d get called out to do, the same problems kept popping up – Cold spots on radiators, not enough hot water, cold rooms and having to regularly bleed the radiators. Over the years Tim grew frustrated and even contemplated packing it in, because he never liked walking away from a problem and believed everything could be fixed.

So Tim decided to try and find a way to solve these issues once and for all. He learned that Heating systems were originally designed to heat the building – not the occupants, and no real advances were made over the years to improve heating systems for our comfort. There was just no product on the market to help improve their efficiency.

He set about designing a square reservoir that could easily be attached to a heating system and would isolate the boiler cycle from the radiator cycle. Once he did that, he refined the blending process of the heated water and discovered the New 2°C Delta T.

In science, “Delta T” is the difference in temperature between two measured points; in this case, it’s the temperature of the water going into the radiator and the temperature leaving the radiator. This tells you how efficient your heating system is. Since most heating systems operate on 11°C Delta T or higher, that means the water temperature can drop by at least 11 degrees. Tim’s invention brought that difference down to just 2o Celsius, massively improving the output of the heating system.

Tim carried out further research and development in Laboratories and more importantly, tested his new system in numerous real homes. He found not only did his 2oC Delta T improve heating systems and boiler efficiency, but it also solved the many common problems that had bothered him and his customer’s in the first place. E.g. Cold spots on radiators, not enough hot water, cold rooms and bleeding radiators.

In 2001 he filed a patent on his invention and set up his company. He took the name from the process of removing the access air from the heating system, or Oxygen Venting.

Oxyvent offers a heating system like no other and has won numerous prestigious awards around the world. Tim wants everyone to know that it is possible for your heating system to work more efficiently, reduce heating bills and improve your carbon footprint with Oxyvent.

The Oxyvent Tank is the first square pressure vessel designed for heating systems,  The Oxyvent Tank is manufactured by the VDL Group in the Netherlands with the last 18 years and has a TUV certificate of design, CE mark, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO-TS 16949 Full Patents EP 1264146, US 7,225,287, CA 2408788.

VDL Group Netherlands

The Oxyvent Wiring Board is manufactured in Ireland to ISO 9001.  It is ideally suited for connecting all boilers, particularly combining solid fuel with oil/gas.

TV Programs Oxyvent was featured on the following RTE programs,  Show Me The Money with Eddie Hobbs; About The House with Duncan; RTE Nationwide.  The Oxyvent Tank was also Launched by Duncan Stewart in 2002

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Tim Cremin Oxyvent with RTE's Duncan Stewart

Celebrity Duncan Stewart with Tim Cremin at the Launch of the Oxyvent System back in 2002.