Tim Cremin Inventor of the Oxyvent Tank

Tim Cremin Managing Director of Oxyvent Ltd.

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I am Tim Cremin who started out 30 years ago as Plumbing and heating contractor. I can definitely say that I was different to you ordinary plumber. I never gave up on anything and never walked away from a problem until I got it sorted. I believed that everything can be fixed. It was from going into houses plumbed by various plumbers that it became obvious that there were virtually the same pattern of events everywhere. I had contemplated giving up plumbing but that was not the answer so I decided to take on the task of fixing it. In 1999 I got an inspiration to confront these common heating issues and sort them out for once and for all. I designed a square reservoir that would isolate the boilers cycle from the radiator circuit. Once this was achieved I then refined the blending process of the heated water and discovered the New Delta T. Due to my reputation as a plumber I was not short of customers willing to try my new invention and they were virtually queuing up to have it installed. Word got out quickly and as they say word of mouth is the best sale of all and that is when you know you are on to something good.

I won a silver medal for The Oxyvent Tank in Geneva, Switzerland in 2001 and also won Double Gold in Pittsburgh, USA in 2014.  Oxyvent Ltd. is in business with 18 years.


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The Oxyvent Tank is the first square pressure vessel designed for heating systems,  The Oxyvent Tank is manufactured by the VDL Group in the Netherlands with the last 18 years and has a TUV certificate of design, CE mark, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO-TS 16949 Full Patents EP 1264146, US 7,225,287, CA 2408788.

VDL Group Netherlands

The Oxyvent Wiring Board is manufactured in Ireland to ISO 9001.  It is ideally suited for connecting all boilers, particularly combining solid fuel with oil/gas.

TV Programs Oxyvent was featured on the following RTE programs,  Show Me The Money with Eddie Hobbs; About The House with Duncan; RTE Nationwide.  The Oxyvent Tank was also Launched by Duncan Stewart in 2002


About the house About The House

– Nationwide
Tim Cremin Oxyvent with RTE's Duncan Stewart

Celebrity Duncan Stewart with Tim Cremin at the Launch of the Oxyvent System back in 2002.